Audio portraits hand carved from historical reclaimed woods, lead by the vision and creation of artist Jon Hammond. Serenity is based solely on the relationship between drummers and their drums at the highest level of bespoke instrument making. We thrive on creating lasting relationships with our clients as unique as the drums we create for them.

The shapes of our shells are as visually beautiful as they are one-offs; direct results of the audio carving given them through Jon’s search for his truest audible reflection and impression of the drummer he is carving them for.

‘A drum shell should be like a church bell, how it sings and who it sings for are both as important as each other.’ – Jon Hammond

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Private commission from Questlove, 14 x 5 Ironwood sculpted snare

The Story Plays On

Reclaimed woods contain a rich myriad of human interactions and heritage. Over time our influence permeates the organic scaffolding of its structures, making unrepeatable changes. Everything society has put the wood through over the decades and centuries cause the fibres to shift and settle in ways entirely unique to the stories lived out on it. Individual pieces of wood hold tones within them that cannot be re-created or replicated.

In the hands of Serenity master craftsman and co-founder, Jon Hammond, this tone becomes the song of the story time has soaked in. Past scars become new beauty. Vast histories are preserved and elevated through the oldest medium of human communication and music: Drumming. Through Serenity, the story plays on.

The Serenity family…

The people who play and love our drums

To start the process of commissioning your Serenity snare or kit, please provide as much detail as possible regarding your requirements. We will contact you shortly after to discuss your commision in more detail.